Friday, July 17, 2015


This 4-day sampler is designed to get you in touch with the elements like you've never been before. Activities focus on engaging the senses and improving our chemistry and energies.

Currently available for groups of 6-12
{no public events available at this time} 
coastal Long Beach, CA

Day #1 - Earth
Our down-to-earth day will include
  • A Nature Center walk
  • Some earthing (walking barefoot on the grass)
  • DIY foot scrub craft
  • Sunset Polynesian dance on the sand
  • Dinner on the patio at Cafe Ambrosia (*no-host)

Day #2-3 - Water 
Water is such a vital part of every aspect of life, we're going to devote a day & a half to this precious element
  • A visit to the acclaimed Aquarium of the Pacific 
  • Swimming in the bay ... and floating
  • We may do some naiad water dancing
  • We may even go for a paddle boat ride in a little lake
  • DIY bath soak craft
  • Sunset supper at The Reef on the bay (*no-host) 

Day #3.5 - Fire 
Playing with fire can be dangerous, so we're keeping our time with the incendiary to half a day
  • Barefoot gypsy folkdancing
  • DIY candle-making class
  • Expect things to get very hot at the Cafe Sevilla Flamenco dinner & dance show
  • And if time and energies allow, we'll roast marshmallows by campfire!

Day #4 - Air
Our last day together will take us everywhere the wind blows 
  • Morning Tai Chi class on a hill with a view of the ocean
  • We'll linger a little longer for a hilltop belly bliss class 
  • We'll feel the breeze in our hair as we ride bikes on the shoreline paths
  • DIY hair balm craft
  • Depending on the winds, we may fly kites on the beach
  • We'll take our last meal together at the historic Sky Room, overlooking the harbor lights (*no-host)

$335 includes Aquarium and Nature Center visits, Flamenco dinner show, bike rentals, Tai Chi class, crafts & activities. Other meals are *no-host (i.e. not included)