Friday, July 17, 2015

Sweetheart Seduction

Our crash course to get you Valentine's ready ❤

Currently available for groups of 6-12
{no public events available at this time} 
(Sat &/Or Sun)
In-person in SoCal or via live videochat, from the privacy of your own boudoir

Could you use some pointers on how to be absolutely irresistible to you paramour?  Join your siren sisters for either 1 or 2 days of sassy, silly, sensuous, sensual, seduction instruction.  We also offer 2 choreographed routines, to take the guesswork out of your tease.

* * *

10am-2pm PST  The Art of Seduction 
  • Morning session: The Psychology of Pseduction & the 'Feminine Mystique' Debunked!  We will break the ice of intimacy with a sort of Comedy of Eros, a light-hearted look at what really makes a man tick... as well as drool. 
  • Lusty Lunch break: Learn how to enjoy your mid-day meal and send your mate scrambling for the check... can you say nooner?  Learn how to own the dining table with confidence and grace. Our meal together will include instruction on etiquette and elegance
  • Afternoon session: Body basics—We'll teach you fluency in body language and work on habits of posture to get you sitting pretty

2:30-4:30pm PST  The Siren Unveiled (the classy tease)
Learn how to tie, and more importantly, remove the famed seven veils. This is an interactive dance involving you and your lover, best practiced here with leggings and a tank top or bikini. Set to some of the most passionate instrumental music ever penned, this experience will get you anything you want... but please, no heads on platters... just your man's heart in your hands. Includes mid-session break to cool off!

$125 for The Art of Seduction
$50 for The Siren Unveiled

* * *

10am-2pm PST  the Art of the Slow Tease 
  • Morning session: Undress to impress—regardless of how much you take off, you'll want to put on something fabulous to begin with. Come prepared to show what you plan to wear on Valentine's Day ... all of it.  This is where we show you how to peel, with confidence and class
  • Lunch and love break: As we nosh we'll discuss the foods that make us crave one another.  We'll also discuss how to prepare a menu and meal that leaves you free for amour
  • Afternoon session: Kiss & Makeup—Tips for romantic hair, makeup, nails, scent, fabrics. All the bedroom's a stage—Setting the scene for seduction 

2:30-4:30pm PST  Always Get Your Man (the sassy tease)
Just like the Mounties, you will be assured of ensnaring the object of your manhunt. You will also learn a tantalizing musical number with which to entice your honey. This is not just a strip tease, it is a strip taunt, torment and nearly torture as you drive your man wild with captive desire. Let's just say, restraints are involved.  Performed to Joe Cocker's sultry You Can Leave Your Hat On.  So come prepared with a hat! Includes a mid-segment break to slake your unquenchable thirst.

$125 for The Art of the Slow Tease
$50 for Always Get Your Man

* * *

Our sweetheart combo price
Both classes + both tease routines 
(for a savings of $55)

Helpful note.  Our group event page will be available up until Valentine's Day for you to ask questions and advice from your sister seductresses, as well as get help with your routines.  Just remember, you're not in this alone.... figuratively, anyway.