Friday, August 21, 2015

Mermaid Bootless Camp

Mermaid Datana Artemis
Have you viewed our Li'l Mermaids day camp offerings with wistful envy, wishing that you too could don a fin for a few hours and dive into the depths of mermaidom?  Our 2-day adult camp hosted in coastal Long Beach, CA will have you flippin' your fins like a native denizen of the deep. BYO mertail, or rent one from our participating tailmakers. 

Session I: Tues-Wed, July 31 & Aug 1
Session II: Thurs-Fri, Aug 2 & 3
Seaside Supper Celebration: Fri Aug 3 (for Session II students)


Day #1 - 10am-4pm 
Mermaid Datana Artemis
  • Mornin', Mermaids!Immerse yourself in mermaid lore and discover your inner sea siren. After a brief introduction into the world underwater, we'll cover all that is involved in swimming in a tail—the joys and jubilation, the perils and pitfalls 
  • Lunch Break: BYO or you may pre-order our beach pail lunch for $10 (you keep the pail)
  • Crafternoon session: Since your mother will most likely not let you swim right after eating, we will begin our afternoon by learning creating a wearable keepsake
  • Into the drink: Test your sea legs, or lack thereof, as you learn how to move in a mermaid tail, as well as get in and out of the darn thing!  (Must be able to swim in water up to 10' deep)
Day #2 - 10am-4pm 
  • Mervelous Photoshoot: Come decked out in your mermaidliest finery. Your siren sisters can help you apply some creative mer-makeup for the land shoot
  • Lunch Break: BYO or you may pre-order our mer-themed treasure chest lunch for $20 (you keep the chest)
  • Fun & Games: We'll begin at the water's edge, learning some additional aquatic skills, then dive back into the water to Improve agility wearing a monofin
  • Certificate Ceremony and Siren Send-off
  • After-hours: If you're not ready to return to the land of the legged, join us for happy hour and a no-host nosh at The Crabpot, on the water in Alamitos Landing
$225 includes all Session I activities, excludes meals


Day #1 - 10am-4pm (Pre-requisite: Session I)
Mermaid Datana Artemis
  • Diving Deep: We head straight into the water to learn some elegant mer-ballet moves
  • Lunch Break: BYO or you may pre-order our beach bag lunch for $15 (you keep the straw bag)
  • Crafternoon session: We'll sing sea shanties as we create another wearable keepsake, this time, one you can wear in the water
  • Dancing on the waves: We'll begin on our choreographed routine designed specifically for mermaids
  • After-hours: Following a day of water workouts, join us for happy hour and a no-host nosh at Joe's Crab Shack at Seaport Marina
Day #2 - 10am-5pm 
  • Practice Makes Merfect: We'll do a full aquatic workout session and fine-tune our monofin movement skills 
  • Lunch Break: BYO or you may pre-order a light lunch in our "S is for Siren" logo lunch bag for $25 (you keep the bag)
  • Dance, Mermaid, Dance: Following lunch, we'll begin at the water's edge, learning some additional mer-moves, then dive back into the water to build on yesterday's choreography and rehearse in preparation of our evening performance
  • 4pm: Invite your family to join us for a Sunset Performance and Seaside Supper Potluck Picnic; Bring treats for the group or sample our simple supper fare for $17.50 per person. BYO beach chair &.or towel. 
$250 includes all Session II activities, excludes meals

$565 Sea Bounty package: Pre-register for both sessions including festive meals; you save $40 yippee! 

Kit & Kaboodle - For the pampered mermaid
Sea-theme Beach Towel $35
Flip Flops $30
Siren School or Camp logo Tote Bag $15

Sessions & Sea Bounty combo
Please indicate DATES here
A la carte lunches and Kaboodle Kit items may be ordered once your registration has been confirmed

[updated 21 August 2015 - dates subject to change up to 6 months in advance]

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adult Day Camps, satisfying the need for play

Taking finger painting to creative new heights
{artist unknown ... drat!}
"Play brings joy. And it’s vital for problem solving, creativity and relationships." So says Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., Associate Editor at "... play is just as pivotal for adults as it is for kids ... Play can even facilitate deep connections between strangers and cultivate healing."

It is in this same spirit of nurturing and needful play that Siren School offers a variety of playful experiences, ranging in duration from an hour to several days.  Play sparks the imagination, fosters teamwork, and gets participants out of their heads. Though fantasy and history are often involved, activities are a far cry from the escapism associated with interests and pastimes that lead to addiction.

"We're not trying to escape reality. Rather, we're immersing ourselves in the reality of beauty, creativity, freedom and fellowship," says Siren School Headmistress Joy Devivre. "Cultural customs, age-old crafts, fantasy personas, dance, international foods, outdoor activities—they all come together to expand participants' scope of thought and to interest them in new, decidedly exciting pursuits. Our adult day camps, along with all our events, are designed to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face, to improve your mood and make you more pleasant to be around."

See this site's Theme Camps page for everything from a Run Away with the Circus day to a Grimm Scavenger Hunt, and Mermaid Bootless Camp.  To share a day of fun with friends for a special occasion, consider hosting a Siren Soiree. If you need a quick dose of magic on an ongoing basis, Fantasy Fitness offers theme-immersion dance classes. If you're desperate for a more intense experience or exotic getaway, visit our Intensives page or our Mythic Adventures holidays site.

* * *

Tartakovsky and NPR both recommend Stuart Brown's explanation of play, which you can hear in his own words in his TED Talk Play is more than fun.